Album: curacao:28-09-2003 - housereef

Honeycomb Cowfish Peacock Flounder Mushroom Scorpionfish Snapper

Corkscrew Anemone and Pederson Cleaner Shrimp Christmas Tree Worms French Grunt Goldentail Moray

Bluestriped Grunt Bluestriped Grunt Peacock Flounder Peacock Flounder

Goldentail Moray Goldentail Moray Fan Coral Orangespotted Filefish

Spotted Scorpionfish Porcupinefish Porcupinefish getting cleaned

Sand Diver Ball Sponge French Angelfih Spotted Drum

Smallmouth Grunt Blue Tangs mobbing the garden of a Damselfish; hitchhiking Trumpetfishes Slug
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